The Idea

An ebusiness idea can come from an existing business - moving it to online selling, or a new business idea that is related to an existing business or completely new and perhaps unique business idea.

The first stage of development should be a business plan. This can be difficult to do for new ebusinesses but the general principles of business planning still apply - it may be that you have to make more broad assumptions about market sizes, sales forecasts and prices. In general it pays to be cautious with forecasts to provide a good margin of safety.

When considering the inputs to your business plan your need to answer a number of key questions;

Is there a market for my product/service?
ebusiness factors to consider here include;

Having assembled these basic facts you should develop your business plan.


Assuming that you have an acceptable Business Plan and necessary investment funds you are now ready to start the development of your ebusiness.

Again there are several ebusiness specific issues to consider;