Getting Your Business Started

According to statistics taken from VAT records - only half of new businesses survive more than 5 years. This guide is about how to start and run your business and includes all the necessary steps you need to take if you are serious about your venture. The information given is intended as a general guide only and not to tell you how to run your business It will help to bring your ideas into sharper focus, which should make for a better planned, perhaps more successful venture.

How to use this guide?

If you have already thought your idea through and still want to go ahead, our most important piece of advice is - plan. Follow the steps in the guide and they will help you to plan your new business.

Start Up Guide Contents

A plan is one thing, reality is another. Nobody expects you to get everything right, and you will probably have to undo or change your plans as time goes on, but planning is still very important. To begin with, it is the only way to identify your goals and work out a way to achieve them.