Business Planning Downloads

The Small Business Advice Service(sbas) provides a number of downloadable business planning documents - spreadsheets and forms (templates), that can be used to guide you through the business planning process. These plans have been developed by Enterprise Agencies to help their clients develop initial business plans - they are easy to use, practical and well proven.

Once you have completed one of these planning templates you can use the enquiry service to request a free and impartial plan review. An adviser will reply and invite you to submit your plan as an attachment. The adviser will review your plan(s) and provide you with confidential comments and suggestions to help improve it.

Before you start!

A solid business plan is the key to successful business. if you are not sure of all the steps involved you should check out the business planning user guides before you try to use the download plans.

There are two different user guides addressing ;

The downloads are Microsoft Excel and Word documents.

Business Planning Models and Templates

Cashflow Forecasting Model

Cashflow forcasting is one of the most useful planning tools. It can help you understand the requirement for business financing, the impact of late payements etc. The cashflow forecasting model is an Excel spreadsheet. Note that if a requested field had no value you should enter a zero, not just leave it blank otherwise calculations may fail.

The model calculates income minus expenditure, month by month and reconciles this against the cash at bank. each end of month bank balance will be calculated and transferred automatically into next months starting bank balance.

Download Cashflow Forecast

Profit and Loss accounts(P&L)

Profit and Loss accounts are used to show how a business is performing over a specific period. Profit and loss forecasts can be used as a planning and monitoring device for your business.
The profit and loss template is an Excel spreadsheet. When you have downloaded it, start it with Excel and complete the required fields. Note that if a requested field has no value you should enter a zero, not just leave it blank otherwise calculations may fail.

Download Profit & Loss forecast

To start this Microsoft Excel spreadheet working you must enter in your start-up figures into the relevant columns, even if they are zero. The first section will calculate your initial gross profit and the second section will calculate the total of your overheads. At the bottom of the spreadsheet you will be given the trading and net profit figures.

Business Planning Template

This template enables you to produce a comprehensive business plan - essential if you are to require financing from banks etc.

The business planning template will help you quantify your marketing plan, calculate you overheads, plan your production targets etc. It includes sections to take the cashflow and profit and loss calculations developed with the other templates.

Download the business planning template